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We Know How To

  • Understand Complex Systems in Sophisticated Ways
  • Turn Data Into Insights for Decisions
  • Anticipate The Patterns Of The Technologies Of The Future
  • Shape New Instructional Methods and Learning Experiences
  • Activate Co-creation by Educators and Employers
  • Design Innovation And Solutions Centers
  • Use Interdisciplinary Technology Approaches
  • Predict Emerging And Next Generation Careers


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The Gen Lab


  1. A Problem Is A System You Don’t Yet Understand
  2. Our Biggest Problem: Being in a State of Permanent Technological Revolution
  3. Technologies Are as Much Relationships As They Are Things
  4. “Constellation, Not Sequencing, Carries the Truth”—Olga Tokarczuk

Understanding Revolutions Comes from Understanding Complex Patterns and Systems

  1. Action Creates Clarity and Actions Take Ideas into the World
  2. Predictive Insights Have Higher Value Than Low Value Data Nostalgia

“The definition of genius is making the complex and making it simple”—Albert Einstein

  1. Data Should Be Fast, Cheap and Out of Control, Used for Insights for Decisions
  2. The Generation of Options, Alternatives and Inventions is More Important Than Innovation: Understand the Challenge, Simplify the Challenge, Reframe the Challenge
  3. Process is More Important Than Outcome

“Whatever Diminishes Constraint Diminishes Strength.

The More Constraints One Imposes, The More One Frees One’s Self of The Chains That Shackle the Spirit.” –Igor Stravinsky

  1. Learning = Liberation. Period.


The Gen Lab

Domains And Spaces

  • Robotics, Advanced Automation And Manufacturing
  • Allied Health And Emerging Medical Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • The Built Environment And Construction
  • Career And Occupational Nets
  • CyberSecurity
  • Drones
  • Green And Clean Technologies
  • Health Information Technology
  • Human/Robotic Interfaces
  • Nursing
  • Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality And Immersive Technologies
  • Global Technological And Economic Transformation


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“Generation is a fundamental property of all systems, the process producing immense variation. “We” – people, organizations, ecosystems, you – are all engines producing potential futures. The Universe’s inherent sloppiness, the built-in chaos of growth over time makes understanding the future – and acting on it—not an option but a necessity. The future is, ultimately, around us waiting to be found and made.”

Walter Dario Di Mantova, 2000

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