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We are in the midst of a permanent technological revolution.

And nobody ever said revolution was easy.

The Gen Lab’s origins go back to over 35 years ago in that revolution – although these have not been the same years thirty-five times.

We evolved from the shared challenges progressive educators and employers have struggled with for decades: how to better anticipate trends in technology to create powerful experiences for learners.

We’ve all had experiences as bold college and university creators, innovators, changers, builders, transformers, reformers, disruptors, visionaries, thinkers, doers, leaders and agents.

The foundations of The Gen Lab evolved from the teams created and lead by Walter Dario Di Mantova, teams that built the US’s largest university-based contract training center, internationally recognized as a pioneering effort in online education, quality excellence and extraordinary innovation. The Gen Lab’s basic principles were used to grow the best community college workforce and economic development center in California.

Our collective members combined our efforts since 2015 to amplify our impact. Our belief is that the only way to change the world is to change the players, bringing “the wrong people to the table” – eclectic thinkers, edgy inventors, fearless practitioners and engaged entrepreneurs – as well as the sage experts who have the knowledge to think “outside the box” because they know what’s in the box.

Some of us are interdisciplinary technologists and futurists, others are practitioners of educational disruption and investors in change, some build next generation innovation spaces and others know how to facilitate complex planning efforts.

Over the last five years, The Gen Lab has become a virtual enterprise, a collective of thinkers and doers from education, the private sector and workforce and economic development agencies.

The Gen Lab has analyzed the future of the built environment, drones and autonomous vehicles for over ten educational institutions, created the first models for innovation and solutions centers for community colleges and been part of private sector startups in educational technology and virtual reality. Our collective members have been true leaders in K-16 education, certificates, innovating data management, economic and community development and social justice.

The Gen Lab hub is in the “transformation triangle” of Sacramento– the capital of the sixth largest economy in the world, San Francisco– the most creative place on the planet– and Silicon Valley—the globe’s technology innovation factory.

Our history to be? Remaining a force for change fully aware that the future is closer than you think, for all of us.

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