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CLEAR Strategies, founded in Sacramento, is a women owned business with a local focus on community impact and results with an emphasis on the positive. We deliver a thought-out comprehensive approach providing opportunities for true collaboration. Our primary purpose is to create measurable impacts utilizing and leveraging existing systems; public, private, community-based organizations working with industry, education and service providers. Through collaboration the delivery of services can be more efficient, easily accessed and serve all. Through strategic partnerships working with organizations focused on inclusive workforce and economic development such as The Gen Lab.

Makers 4 Change

“Hacking human suffering is the only true growth industry”.

  • Corey Kohn, 2015

At Makers4Change we believe that we can make a better world for as many people as possible by being makers dedicated to fundamental change.

We believe what that tying what people do together where they do it is the most powerful tool for new work, new communities and new, fairer and productive economies.

Makers4Change works to:

  • Co-create equitable eco-systems
  • Connect and activate new communities
  • Build spaces for innovation, creation, entrepreneurship
  • Instill liberation and freedom into business creation
  • Partner for the underrepresented and the underserved to become economically free

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  • The Gen Lab
    1601 Alhambra Blvd., Suite 100
    Sacramento, CA 95608
  • 1.916.450.1231
  • learn@thegenlab.com

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