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Progressive educators from colleges and universities and their employer partners have faced a shared challenge for a generation: how to best prepare learners for career success in a world of permanent technological revolution.


Because the future is really hard to predict.

Because there are few reliable, effective processes to move from those predictions to decisions to actions.

Because educators and employers must work together in unprecedented ways to ensure students know what they need to know to flourish in a volatile unpredictable future.

Because those new learning experiences often need new facilities.

The Gen Lab Provides Sophisticated Solutions to This Challenge By:

  • Working with Progressive Employers, Universities and Colleges
  • Uncovering the Trends, Trajectories and Patterns in Emerging Technologies
  • Building Predictions and Manage Confusion by Producing Insights and Recommendations
  • Activating the Generative Futures Process – A Completely Unique Method Based on A Set of Original Assumptions – See Our Manifesto (Based on Our Manifesto)
  • Co-Creating Programs and Learning Experiences with Faculty Leaders and Employer Partners
  • Contributing to The Design of Places—Innovation and Solutions Centers and Thinker Spaces

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